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Carpet can add a "homey" feeling to a room, adding a soft touch and making a room feel warmer!


Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl can be a great choice due to it being naturally anti-bacterial, ease of cleaning and it being eco- friendly while vinyl plank (whether glued down or of the click-together design) can be a great fit for kitchens, basements, and bathrooms as it can be waterproof and is very easy to maintain!


Laminate Flooring

Similar to hardwood flooring, laminate is a wood product made from pressed wood layers with a tough external layer and resin coating. This makes laminate highly durable and scratch resistant.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber Sheet or Rubber Tiles

Whether sheet rubber or rubber tiles, both can be used effectively for their sound and impact absorbing properties as well as it's slip resistance and durability. Rubber flooring is a staple in schools, gyms and sports arenas for exactly these qualities!

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